Singapores Port Hits Record High

The Port of Singapore is ranked the highest in the world for freight cargos and TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit). It has maintained that record since the year 2000. Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew announced the continued solid growth of the port in 2014 and the expectation of future performance to exceed the current year’s success.

Singapore remains the uppermost world container port and is credited with the highest quality of service and reliability. With the current tonnage surpassing 2.3 billion gross tons it measure out to nearly a 2 percent increase of the 2013 record high. This is the highest is has been since the year 2010. It has maintained an exceptional reputation for many years and is still the most competitive and efficient in the industry.

Tanker, container ships, and bunker sales made up approximately 42 million tonnes. Container TEU increased 4 percent and cargo tonnage increased 3.5 percent in 2014. Under MPA’s register Singapore is ranked 7th in the world’s top registries. It is home to more than 130 international shipping groups and 5000 maritime organisations. This vast array of associates within the industry makes it inviting for clients to continue registering new accounts.

Increasing The Competitive Edge

While the Port of Singapore already holds the record for excellence in rates and dependability, plans to expand this competitive edge moves forward. Mr. Lui celebrated the maritime industries major contributions to the economy and stated the government is committed to support their growth.

With this in mind the investments were directed to improve port infrastructures and enhance the current connectivity which is already near the best in the world. This will no doubt improve the high standards of service already experienced and sustain progression.

Pasir Panjang Terminal is one stunning example of government support. It is now handles containers of 13,000 TEUs or more and has a remote controlled crane system that is unsurpassed. It also has a dedicated car terminal and is quite competitive in vehicle transports. The reclamation at Tuas is another example. The dredging is being done with grab barges and simultaneous building of the seawall. Shore protection is a major element of this reclamation and the company has over 25 years’ experience to ensure the success of this project. This type of innovation and forward thinking will ensure the strength of Singapore’s shipping industry in the years ahead.